Public Records Request Form

    Attention: This request form is for public records only. If you are looking to request Police Department Public records, you should use the request form here: Police Department Public Records Request.

    Please Note: This information is needed to fully and appropriately respond to your request. You may be contacted for clarification or additional information in response to your request. You will be contacted prior to issuance and mailing of the documentation for advance payment of costs.

    The Village of New Lexington, Ohio requires advance payment for copies, reproductions and postage. Paper copies are charged at $.15 per page and digital copies are $.25 per disc. Copies and records which must be outsourced will be charged at actual Village cost.

    Ohio Law required the following disclosure: Ohio Law prohibits the conditioning of public records on the disclosure of a requester’s identity or the intended use of requested. You may refuse to submit your request in writing or to provide your identity. The requester’s contact information is sought to enhance the Village ability to locate, identify, and / or deliver your request.

    Documentation responsive to your request will be provided by Regular U.S. mail.

    • Ohio Law requires the disclosure of public records, by all public offices, unless specifically exempted or excluded by law.
    • Ohio Law prohibits a public office from conditioning a public records request (“PRR”) on disclosure of a requester’s identity or intended use of documents sought.
    • Public offices which adopt a policy for handling of PRRs may request the name and contact information of a requester (including intended use) if the information would facilitate the public office to comply with the request, and if disclosed that such information is not mandatory.
    • Ohio Law allows a public office to obtain advance payment for copies.
    • Submit a letter request or obtain a pre-printed form from the Village Administration Office.
    • State, as specifically as you can, the documents you are seeking.
    • You may include your contact information. If there are questions about your request, a Village official will contact you to obtain any revisions or clarification which may be needed.
    • Documents which are responsive to a PRR will be mailed to your via Regular U.S. mail
    • You may be asked to remit advance payment for the costs of copies, reproductions and postage.
    • If you have questions about the Village policy please contact:


      Eric Emmert 740-342-1633 (Phone)
      740-342-1292 (Fax)